My love for vintage clothing was inspired by my still fashionable grandmother Phyllis.  She has shared her old photographs , stories and vintage clothing treasures with me for as long as I remember. I have always loved fashion but she brought my admiration of fashion's past to an entire other level. I have been fortunate enough to acquire several of her vintage pieces over the years, many of which I currently wear, all of which I will cherish forever. I have been a student of fashion my entire life and fell in love with the art of clothing and dressing around the age of 9. I have been enraptured by the craft ever since. My passion is to Re-Style Fashions past (Vintage Clothing) into the present by using contemporary shoes and accessories.

I feel that is is important to express your individuality through fashion and EVOLUTION VINTAGE hopes to provide every woman with the opportunity to acquire unique pieces that will reflect their distinctive sensibilities and inspire them to try something different. Thinking outside the confines of current "trends" and listening to your authentic style voice is what I want to help you accomplish. Empowering and inspiring women through Fashion is the ultimate goal, achieved one dress at a time!


LisaG : 

A lover of fashion, stylist, writer, creative consultant, wife and mother.  The ultimate goal and motivation behind all my work is to empower and inspire women to reach their full potentials and get closer to their authentic selves.  Women have unique strengths, qualities and struggles that make them each beautiful.  It is time to harness that energy,evolve, grow and present your authentic self  to the world thorough fashion!  Life is your runway ladies and its YOUR time to put your most stylish foot forward and I am here to help!